Khamis, Januari 10, 2013

HowTo Build Remote Control Lawnmover

I grew up spending much of my summer cutting the grass. We had a very large lawn (about 2 acres!) and a push mower. I would typically start cutting Saturday morning and finish sometime Sunday afternoon. I also had a couple of other lawns that I cut for family friends.

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2.  Husqvarna Automatic Solar Lawnmover


3. Fully Automated Solar-powered Lawn Mower Robot


All of us how have a lawm had to manage it manually or will hire someone for this job but the solar lawn mower robot (RBZG001), designed for commercial and home use, with solar energy and network technology, is a truly innovative product available in the market today. It uses solar power to charge itself while its network technology has a stable and strong force to move, trim the grass and climb the slopes.
The mower features technology such as high intelligence of image identification, telenet video inspection, and automatic function of identifying route, avoiding obstacle, stopping sliding from slope, spraying scrapes while working or collecting scrapes at planned location. No pricing information is available as of the moment, but I’m sure it won’t be so cheap for frugal buyers.

Solar Powered Automatic Lawnmover Robot

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