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Yamaha Wiring System

Yamaha 175 Wiring Diagram and Electrical System Schematic

Yamaha 175 Wiring Diagram and Electrical System Schematic
The following picture shows the Yamaha 175 Wiring Diagram (CT2 and CT3 model) andElectrical System Schematic. Herein you get detail information regarding the interconnection and wiring between electrical parts and components of the motorcycle such as battery, ground, headlight, taillight, horn, rectifier, brake, flywheel magneto, etc.

Yamaha 175 Wiring Color Code
Daytime charging circuit
Night time charging circuit
Battery (+) circuit
Ground circuit
Front brake stop light
Rear brake stop light
Tail light
Head/meter light
Common circuit
Headlight main circuit
Headlight sub circuit
Horn circuit
Rectifier circuit
Flasher light right
Flasher light left
Dark Green
Dark Brown

2005 Yamaha DT125X Wiring Diagram

2005 Yamaha DT125X Wiring Diagram
Generally the 2005 Yamaha DT125X electrical system consists of CDI unit, servomotor, battery, fuse, neutral switch, thermo unit, rectifier/regulator, ignition coil and main switch. You can find detail and complete 2005 Yamaha DT125X Wiring Diagram here on the last page of the service manual.

Yamaha DT250|350 Mikuni Carburetor Schematic and Diagram

The following Mikuni Carburetor Schematic and Diagram apply for Yamaha DT250 and DT350 seriesThe carburetor consists of following parts: pilot jet, float needle seat assembly, washer, o-ring, needle jet set bolt, needle jet washer, main jet, gasket, cover bolt, float, float lever arm, float pivot pin, float bowl gasket, float bowl, plate, float bowl screw, needle jet, throttle slide, clip, spring seat, throttle slide return spring, clip, carburetor cap, cable adjuster, etc.Find detail diagram and schematics of Yamaha DT250|350 Mikuni Carburetor here –
www.slimduck.com/dt250_dt360_carburetor.gif – source: slimduck.com.

Yamaha TDM850 (1996 )Wiring Diagram and Electrical System

yamaha tdm850 wiring diagram

http://www.carlsalter.com/aaman/Yamaha_TDM850_’96_Service_Manual.zip – free download PDF file

The Yamaha TDM850 is a Dual Sports or Adventure Sports motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Company of Japan, that first came out in 1991. The following wiring diagram andelectrical system troubleshooting manual actually part of 1996 Yamaha TDM850 service manual. Herein you will find detail information regardingelectrical system troubleshooting guideline and wiring diagram harness schematic of TDM850 which covers discussion on electrical components, switch inspection , ignition systemcircuit diagram and troubleshooting, electric starter system, starter motor, charging system, lighting system check, signal system wiring diagram, throttle position sensor self diagnosis.The 1996 TDM850 electrical components consists of igniter unit, starting circuit cut-off relay, rectifier/regulator, main switch, thermo switch, thermo unit, flasher relay, starter relay, fuse box, battery, rear brake switch, sidestand switch, neutral switch, and ignition coil.

Find more info about 1996 Yamaha TDM850 Wiring Diagram and Electrical System here

Yamaha Vino 125S Wiring Diagram

The following electrical system schematic shows the Yamaha Vino 125S Wiring DiagramThe electrical system consists of battery, CDI unit, carburetor heater, sidestand switch, horn, rectifier/regulator, ignition coil, rear brake light switch, starter relay, etc.

1 Main switch

2 C.D.I. magneto

3 Rectifier/Regulator

4 Battery

5 Main fuse

6 Battery (+) lead

7 Battery (-) lead

8 Wire lead

9 Starter relay

10 Starter motor

11 C.D.I. unit

12 Ignition coil

13 Auto choke unit

14 Front brake light switch

15 Rear brake light switch

16 Start switch

17 Engine stop switch

18 Starting circuit cut-off relay

19 Sidestand switch

20 Horn

21 Horn switch

22 Turn signal switch

23 Turn signal relay

24 Speedometer light

25 Tail/brake light

26 Dimmer switch

27 High beam indicator light

28 Turn signal indicator light

29 Fuel lever meter

30 Fuel sender

31 Headlight

32 Front turn signal light (left)

33 Front turn signal light (right)

34 Rear turn signal light (left)

35 Rear turn signal light (right)

36 Thermo switch

37 Carburetor heater

Wiring Color Code

B _ Black

G _ Green

L _ Blue

P _ Pink

R _ Red

W _ White

Y _ Yellow

Br _ Brown

Sb _ Sky blue

Or _ Orange

Ch _ Chocolate

Dg _ Dark green

B/W _ Black/White

B/R _ Black/Red

G/Y _ Green/Yellow

G/W _ Green/White

L/Y _ Blue/Yellow

L/W _ Blue/White

W/R _ White/Red

R/W _ Red/White

W/L _ White/Blue

Y/R _ Yellow/Red

Br/W _ Brown/White

Yamaha Virago Electric Starter Circuit and Wiring Diagram

virago electric starter wiring circuit diagram The Yamaha Virago Electric Starter system consists of starter motor, starter solenoid, starter circuit cutoff relay, starter cutout relay, sidestand relay, sidestand switch, neutral switch, starter button and related wiring. When the starter button is pressed, it engages the solenoid switch which closes the circuit. Electric current then flows from the battery to the starter motor. When the engine stop switch and the main switch are turned ON, the engine can only be started if the transmission is in NEUTRAL, or if the clutch lever is pulled in (transmission in gear) and the sidestand is up. If the above conditions are not met, the starting circuit is disabled and the starter will not operate.Get the detail schematic of Yamaha Virago Electric Starter Circuit and  here.

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