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Motor Speed Controller

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TDA1151 based Motor Speed Controller circuit

This motor speed controller uses a TDA1151 monolithic integrated circuit , designed by ST Microelectronics . TDA1151 motor speed controller circuit is designed in a SOT-32 plastic package and can be used for small applications where the space inside is very critical .

Also this circuit diagram can be used as speed regulator for DCTDA1151 based Motor Speed Controller circuit with explanationmotors of record players, tape and cassette recorders, movie cameras, toys or other low cost applications.
This speed controller circuit can provide a high output current up to 800 mA without any additional components and has a low quiescent current of 1.7mA .
The TDA1151 require a low reference voltage ( around 1.2 volts ) and it has a excellent parameters stability versus temperature .
The maximum voltage that can be applied to the TDA1151 is around 20 volts .
As you can see in the circuit diagram the TDA1151 require just few common external components and is very easy to design .

Source: electroniq.net

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