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Vehicle Electrical Wiring Diagram

Victory Hammer  Electrical Wiring Diagram

Victory Hammer (2008 ) Electrical Wiring Diagram
The Polaris Victory Hammer was first introduced in 2005. It is powered by a 100 cubic inches (1,600 cc) engine, 6-speed overdrive transmission, Brembo disk brakes, a Dunlop 250 mm tire on an 18-inch (460 mm) rim, and performance inspired inverted forks.The following schematic shows the 2008 Victory Hammer Electrical . Herein you will find detail description of the electric parts/components of the motorcycle and engine harness splice location. Please note that all fuses, relays, and circuit breakers (except main 40A) are located in the fuse box under the right side cover.

Get more information about the 2008 Victory Hammer Electrical Wiring Diagram here (source: scribd.com)

Suzuki DL1000 Radiator Schematic Diagram and Parts Components

Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The following schematic diagram shows detail of 2003 Suzuki DL1000 Radiator and its Parts Components which consist of 1. radiator assembly, 2. fan assembly, 3. cushion, 4. cushion, 5. spacer, 6. bolt (6×20), 7. shield, radiator heat, 8. bolt. 9. nut.
2003 suzuki DL1000 Radiator

Suzuki GSX R1000  Electrical Diagram

suzuki-gsx-r1000-electrical-diagramThe following article is about 2005 Suzuki GSX R1000 Electrical Diagram. Herein you will find detail yet brief information about electrical components, troubleshooting and inspection of charging system, starter system and side-stand/ignition interlock system, ignition system, combination meter, lamps (headlight, brake light, tail lights, and turn signals lamps), relays and battery (initial charging, servicing and recharging operation).When performing the electrical service of GSX R1000, please pay attention on the following components:
Connector, when connecting a connector, be assure to push it until a click is felt, also inspect the connector for corrosion, contamination and breakage in its cover;
Coupler, with a lock type coupler, be sure to release the lock when disconnecting, and push in fully to engage the lock when connecting. When disconnecting the coupler, be sure to hold the coupler itself and do not pull the lead wires. Inspect each terminal on the coupler for being loose or bent. Inspect each terminal for corrosion and contamination.
Clamp, bend the clamp properly so that the wire harness is clamped securely. In clamping the wire harness, use care not to allow it to hang down. Do not use wire or any other substitute for the band type clamp.
Find the detail information of 2005 Suzuki GSX R1000  and  here(44 pages of pdf file docs.)

Akrapovic Twin Exhaust System Schematic Diagram for 2009 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000

Akrapovic Racing and Evolution systems are designed for riders who demand maximum performance from their motorcycle. Both systems are significantly lighter if compared to stock exhaust systemand feature exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials and of course increased engine performance combined with pure racing sound output.

The following file contains detail description and explanation on Akrapovic Twin Exhaust System for 2009 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 and its schematic diagram. The system’s effect on the torque and power curve is huge and strongest in midrange rpm.

Get more info on Akrapovic Twin Exhaust System Schematic Diagram for 2009 SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 here

– free download PDF file from Akrapovic.com

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  1. The wiring diagrams are pretty awesome. And the repair instructions cover just about anything you'll need. There is also an automotive glossary that is pretty huge . All in all, this is a great site and resource for us.

    Bruce Hammerson

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