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L200 Regulator Power Supply

Power supply with variable voltage and fixed existing regulation produced employing the ubiquitous L200C regulator. The adaptable 5 pin L200C regulator delivers both voltage and current regulation inside a solitary package deal. The IC also features thermal shutdown and input above voltage defense up to sixty Vdc. The offer can also be readily available as L200CV which has straight pins for mounting onto a PCB. The over circuit has present restricting of one amp, consequently Rsc = 0.45 ohm. The output voltage is variable from two.85V to 36V. For voltages up to 36V then the input voltage, Vcc should be 40V. The provide voltage must normally some volts higher than the optimum output voltage. If you wished to create a nine Volt present restricted PSU then the input voltage really should be at least twelve Volts.

Highest Energy Dissipation
The L200 has inner limiting to lessen the quantity of heat dissipation. This occurs if the inner junction temperature reaches one hundred fifty °C. The datasheet includes a graph of the safe working area, but if drawing optimum output present of 2 amp, the input voltage minus output voltage distinction must be much less than twenty Volts.

DC Input Voltage: 40V max.
Peak Input Voltage: 60V max. for 10ms
Output Voltage Selection: 2.85 to 36V
Output Existing Variety: 0.1 to 2A
Quiescent Existing: four.2mA
Output Noise: 80uV

The L200 regulator has many variations; L200, L200C, L200CH, L200CV. These are in fact all of the identical regulator. The main differences in between versions will be the thermal junction temperature and pinout.
For your L200, the working junction temperature is -55 to one hundred fifty °C
The L200C running junction temperature is -25 to 150 °C.
The V stands for vertical and will be the most frequent case type; obtainable like a pentawatt deal, revealed appropriate hand side. The H stands for horizontal plus the pins of the L200 are bent at right angles for PCB mounting. The L200T and L200CT will also be offered but like a TO3-4 layout, this pinout may be observed in the datasheet, hyperlink beneath.

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