Ahad, Jun 30, 2013

DIY Desktop CNC Machine

The DIY Desktop CNC Machine - automated fabrication in your home. Your personal cutting/engraving/etching/milling machine in kit form.
A modular, inexpensive, versatile desktop-scale CNC machine to put computer-automated machining and fabrication in the hands of creators. Whether they be hobbyists or evil scientists, small-scale manufacturers or budding inventors, the power to go from on-screen design to precision-machined product in a few mouse clicks is very exciting.
See this project Updates section for pictures and video of the working prototype.
This project will result in a finished, new, well-designed CNC machine that will then be made available in kit form at several different project entry points. From well-documented and comprehensive plans and construction manual, through electronics, motor drive and chassis kit combinations, to fully-assembeled systems, there should be a solution to fit any skill-level and/or budget.
Born out of frustration with the lack of inexpensive, straightforward and easy-to-build CNC machines I designed a DIY desktop CNC package that addresses all the objections I had with available machines. To that end the electronics are designed to be inexpensive, modular and specifically to drive the most common of stepper motors (bought or scavenged).
The machine is intended to be built by the average DIY-er, either from scratch from plans, or from a full or partial kit. Components and parts are easily available and inexpensive and the design can accommodate recycled (scavenged) parts. The electronics can be driven by several freely available software applications.
I've developed, prototyped and tested the electronics. The mechanicals have also been tested in a workhorse testbed prototype. The principals of a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-build, modular and extensible design have held up to testing. The end product design has been done in CAD and is ready to "productize". You can read more about the project history at MyDIYCNC
This is where you come in. The next step is to produce the DIY Desktop CNC Machine kits. So, with the help of some braniacs I know, we'll build a complete "final product" CNC machine, thoroughly soak test and troubleshoot it, and (this is the really cool part) use it to manufacture the subsequent parts for the kits.
What better test can there be for the DIY Desktop CNC Machine than to have it recreate itself?
Kickstarter will enable us to complete this design project and move it into production. For your support you'll in essence be able to pre-buy the kits at reduced pricing, along with some other goodies we'll include as our "Thank You" for making this exciting venture a reality.

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