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Workshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
AutoBOTICS is workshop on intelligent Autonomous, basic electronics or microcontroller based robots.
This workshop is dedicated to clear the basic concept of electronic & electrical components. In this
workshop student will make their Self Brain Robot which will do various activities. Following categories
of robots could be chosen by the students for this workshop: All are based on same concept of sensors but
the designed logic is different for each.
These categories are
Line Follower
Obstacle sensing & avoidance
Grid solving
Wall Follower
Anti Falling Robot (Autonomous Edge Detector)Workshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
Topics to be covered
Mechanical Design
 Designing of the body
 Kinematics and Dynamics of Robot
Electrical Systems
 Power Supplies (Electrical and Batteries)
 Voltage Regulation
 Switches
 Relays
 Motor Drivers
 Linear Drivers
 DC Geared Motors
 Stepper Motors
 Servo Motors
 Brushless DC Geared Motors (BLDC)
Circuit Theory
 Working Principle of Circuits
 Sensing and Controlling
Autonomous Robotics
 4-D Conditions
 Introduction to Beam Robotics
 Digital Logic Designing for any RobotWorkshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
 Use of Microcontrollers for Advanced Robotics
 Introduction to AGV
 Flying Bots
Control and Sensing
 Sensor Basics
 Selection of sensors
 Market Analysis and Companies of Different Sensors
 Retro reflective and through beam circuits for sensor placement
Circuit Designing
 Designing the logic of the required circuit using basic and digital electronics
 Datasheet study and analysis of every IC on breadboard
 Circuit Designing on DIP-TRACE Software
 PCB Designing on DIP-TRACE Software
 Soldering and Assembling of the Designed PCB’s of their robots (No ready-made kit
would be provided, students would have to perform the complete designing, soldering
and testing process from their own hands under the guidance of our experts)
Computing and Programming
 Number system
 Instruction set and uses
 Introduction to 8051 microcontrollers
 Designing robots with and without microcontrollers
 Programming tools and techniques
 Modification in the existing robot made by the students would be suggested so that they
could use and modify their robots for multiple purposes using microcontrollersWorkshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
Testing and Trouble shooting
 Testing and troubleshooting at every step of circuit designing
 Various trouble shooting techniques
 Finding faulty components in the circuit
 Every student would be assigned to design his/her PCB on Dip-Trace software with both
Manual Routing and Auto-Routing Techniques
 Simulation of the designed model by every student on software Proteus would also be
covered along with hardware designing and testing
Why STrobotix?
This workshop will be beneficial for students in following ways:
 Detailed Knowledge of Electronics and Electrical Concepts along with kinematics and
Dynamics of Robot
 Hands on session along with theory session step by step
 They learn to choose various components values optimally while designing circuits
 Each and every component’s complete knowledge would be given to every student
including the companies, types, values, datasheet analysis, fault finding techniques, etc.
so that he/she could be able to make any kind of similar project in future by his own
 Various basic concepts of microcontrollers, its applications in robotics and burning
microcontroller using MAX232
 Complete software analysis and extra training on PCB Designing and Manufacturing
and Circuit Simulation Techniques using softwares such as Dip-Trace, Eagle, OrCAD,
Proteus, etc.
 We provide them future help and guidance for participating in competitions and these
competitions are what makes them skillful and enhance their practical knowledge
towards which we are gonna make first stepWorkshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
 Also, workshop doesn’t end up then and there. They can contact the concerned faculties
throughout their graduation or thereafter also if they need any guidance regarding
Academic Projects and Industrial Trainings in more advanced fields
Previous workshops by Strobotix:
STrobotix have organized aero-modelling workshop in some of the Institutions such as given
below and gained a lot of experience in handling and managing the workshop and imparting
students with useful tools and knowledge about the Robotics and Aero-modelling field.
 Thapar University, in its national techfest, ARANYA
 First techfest of CCET, Sec-26, CHD, APRATIM 2011
 In GGS-Sachdeva college for women
 In CGC Landran
 In IET Bhaddal, Ropar
 GGI, Khanna
 ACE & ER, Ambala College of Engineering, Mithapur
 Himalayan Group of Institutions, KalaAmb and many more…. to promote this technology.
Workshop Duration: 2 days workshop (sat-sun) from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on both the days
(given that timings could be extended to 1 day more in order to complete any student’s Robot’s
Workshop Fees: Rs. 2000/- team and 2 students maximum per team are allowed (i.e. Rs 1000/-
per student) with the complete robotic kit (Including All the components, sensors, Designed
PCB’s, Mechanical Structure, Motors and an interactive CD including software’s like keil, DipTrace, Proteus, MATLAB and Latest robotics, GSM and Mechanical projects ideas and videos
by STrobotix)
Last Date for Registration: 10 days before the workshop or when the maximum entries for
workshop are attained.Workshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
Want us to give a Demo of the robots and other unique projects in your college: We are
giving demo air shows and robotics exhibitions in various engineering colleges and entries of the
interested students are taken on the spot. If you want us to give a demo air show in your college,
contact us on the given numbers.
Certification by STrobotix
Every student participating in the workshop would be given certificate of participation by
STrobotix. Also, there could be a competition between the students participating for the best
designed robot and the winning team would be given a certificate of merit and cash price
voucher by STrobotix.Workshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
1) First Position in TECHKRITI 2011, in Cruise Control Event of Aero-modelling
2) First Position in GYAN VIHAR UNIVERSITY, RAJASTHAN for designing of flexible
swarm robotics.
3) TECHNIHE’07 at IIT GUWAHATI “Ghost of chandsyl” Appreciation Certificate
4) TECHNIHE’07 at IIT GUWAHATI “Technotennis” Participation
5) SHASTRA’07 at IIT MADRAS “Robotics Workshop” Volunteer
6) SHASTRA’08 at IIT MADRAS Appreciation Certificate from NYU,Singapore on Unique Design
7) KAMIKAZE’07 at IGIT,Delhi “Terminator” Best Technology
8) KAMIKAZE’07 at IGIT,Delhi “Adventures at Augean tables” Participation
9) Riyaaz’08 at IET Bhaddal “Robotics Workshop as organizer” Appreciation Certificate
10) ARANYA’07 at Thapar university “Applied Mechatronics” 1st position
11) ISA’05 at IET Bhaddal “Robotics Workshop” 1st Position
12) PecFest’07 at PEC “Line Follower” 2nd Position
13) PecFest’08 at PEC “i-stair” 1st Position
14) PecFest’08 at PEC “Golemo Quakes” 2nd Position
15) PecFest’08 at PEC “Design’o’victor” 2nd Position
16) Techfest’o8 at SLIET,Longowal “Car Racing” 1st Position
17) Techfest’o8 at SLIET,Longowal “Robowars” 1st Position
18) Techfest’o8 at SLIET,Longowal “Model Exhibition” 2nd Position
19) Techfest’o8 at SLIET,Longowal “Turbulance-Tech quiz” 3rd Position
20) ARANYA’08 at Thapar University “Mine Detector” 1st Position
21) SATURNALIA’08 Thapar University “Collage Making” 2nd Position
22) Technique’09 at PEC “Line Follower” 1st Position
23) Technique’09 at PEC “Robominter” 2nd Position
24) LITERATI’2010 at NIT Kurukshetra “Prastuti” 2nd Position
25) LITERATI’2010 at NIT Kurukshetra “Robowars” 2nd Position
26) LITERATI’2010 at NIT Kurukshetra “Roborynth” 3rd Position
27) Riyaaz’08 at IET Bhaddal “RoboRace” Certificate of Merit
28) Riyaaz’08 at IET Bhaddal “Project Exhibition” Certificate of Merit
29) First Prize at IIT KANPUR 2010 for Designing Rescue ROBOT
30) 3rd Prize In ROBOWAR at IIT KANPUR 2010Workshop Proposal By STrobotix, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh
Contact details (for any queries and registration):
Er. Tejinder Kumar Devgon: 99882-18770
Email: info@strobotix.com
Er. Sahijbir Singh: 95012-33445
Er. Shakshi Rana: 99880-91747
Email: sakshi_rana@strobotix.com
Address for registration: STrobotix, Building No. 135/5, Sector-41-b, Chandigarh (Near
Shiwalik Public School)

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